Published: December 18, 2008

Three lignicolous macrofungi from District Doda of Jammu Province (J&K), India

1-5 Sanjeev Kumar, Y. P. Sharma

Spectrophotometric determination of manganese (II) in Sida spinosa Linn.

7-10 Juhi Agarwal, Sanjeev Kumar, Kumresh Kumar

Impact of dust pollution on photosynthetic pigments of some selected trees grown at nearby of stone-crushers

11-13 Avnish Chauhan, Sanjeev

Assessment of pollution level in Hindon river in the stretch of Meerut – Greater Noida due to rapid industrialization

15-19 Kinshuki Sharma, Garima Singhal, Babita Sharma, Ashish Ranjan Shamra

Study of noise pollution level in different places of Haridwar and Dehradun City (India)


Whether optimum pollen germination and tube length attained in the same growth medium (sucrose + vitamin b6) by five cultivars of Apocynaceae!: Further Evidence of a Criticism of Banerji and Gangulee (1937), Brewbaker and kwack (1963), Sudhakaran (1967- P

27-33 S.A. Salgare

A new report of Characiosiphon fromwest Nimar District of Madhya Pradesh

35-36 S. K. Mahajan

Study on macrophytes in Ramala lake, Dist. Chandrapur (M.S.)

37-39 P.J. Khinchi, P. M. Telkhade, N.R. Dahegaonkar, S. B. Zade

Alteration of resting period of pollen of five cultivars of Apocynaceae by mineral (sodium tetraborate): Further Evidence of a Criticism of Brewbaker and Kwack (1963), Sudhakaran (1967-Ph.D.Thesis) and Saoji and Chitaley (1972) – A Critical Review

41-46 S. A. Salgare

Toxic effect of malathion on acetylcholinesterase activity of liver, brain and gills of freshwater catfish Heteropneustes fossilis

47-52 Sudhish Chandra

Rotifer diversity in Ramala lake, Dist. Chandrapur (Maharashtra)

53-55 P.J. Khinchi, P.M. Telkhede, N.R. Dahegaonkar, S.B. Zade

Population dynamics of mycoflora in BLSB susceptible maize varieties

57-59 Nishat Asif, T. P. Mall

A study on organic pollution based on algal distribution in some rural and Temple ponds of Balrampur, U.P. India

61-64 S.P.M. Tripathi, Madhavi Pathak, J. P. Tiwari

Zooplankton diversity of Tadoba lake, Tadoba Andhari tiger reserve (TATR) Dist. Chandrapur, (M.S.)

65-68 P.M. Telkhade, N.R. Dahegaonkar, P.J. Khinchi, S. B. Zade

In vitro: Antibacterial activity of Salsola kali Linn.

69-72 Kumresh, Sanjeev, Navneet, Prabhat

Air quality monitoring of main urban center of Haridwar

73-75 Abhishek Swami, Deepika Chauhan

Dispersion of heavy metals in textile effluent and pond environment in Panipat industrial area

77-82 D. S. Malik, P. K. Bharti, Rashmi Yadav, Pawan Kumar, Praveen Chauhan

Forest types of Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary- A biogeographic classification

83-87 Ramesh Pandey, T. P. Mall, Rahul K. Singh

Assesment of bio-medical waste generated in Government hospitals, Agra city (India)

89-92 B.S. Sharma, A. Khajuria

Diversity in phyllosphere mycoflora infected with Black Mildew

93-95 T. P. Mall, D. P. Singh

In-vitro antimicrobial activity of Psidium guajava (L.) against some isolated oral pathogens

97-102 Ashik Kumar Singh, Gauri, Lalit Matela, Harish Chandra, R. P. Bhatt

Natural disaster: Earthquake

103-108 Pankaj Srivastava, Rajeev Rajput, Mukesh Ruhela, Priyanka Sisodia, Dheeraj Kumar