Published: June 18, 2014

GC-MS analysis of essential oil from the rhizomes of Alpinia calcarata Roscoe


Toxic effect of cathinone (an active principle of Catha edulis) on brain lipids in Swiss albino mice

5-11 Mohammed M. Safhi, M. F. Alam, Ibrahim Abdu Jubran Khardali, Sohail Hussain, Mohammed Abdul Hakeem Siddiqui, Gulrana Khuwaja, Rashad Mohammed Al-Sanosi, Fakhrul Islam

Application of CCME WQI to evaluate feasibility of potable water availability: A case study of Tehri dam reservoir

13-19 R. Bhutiani, D.R. Khanna, Prashant Kumar Tyagi, Bharti Tyagi

Occupancy estimation and modeling in monitoring tigers with implications for conservation and management

21-33 Debabrata Swain, Paul J. Morris

Phytodiversity (Angiosperms, Gymnosperms and Pteridophytes) in Lamberi forest range, Rajouri, J&K, India

35-47 Jyoti Sharma, Anil K. Raina, Sachin Sharma

Dynamics of synchronized clinostomatids infections in Cichlids

49-54 Echi P.C., Iyaji F. O, Ejere V. C, Abuh S. J

Effect of rhizomes of Curculigo orchioides on Thioacetamide induced hepatotoxicity

55-60 Somesh Thapliyal , Vijay Juyal , Anil Bhandari

Effect of forest fire on floristic composition, structure, dominance and species richness in subtropical pine forest of Ponda watershed, Rajouri, J&K

61-68 Junaid Ahmed , Sanjay Sharma

Mycobiota and aflatoxin (B1 and B2) contamination of apricot kernels (Prunus armeniaca L.) from Jammu and Kashmir, India

69-76 Pinky Bala, Dimple Gupta , Y. P. Sharma

Effect of wildlife damage on the life of people living around Kaziranga National Park


Concentrations of Benzene, Toluene and Xylene (BTX) in Ambient air of Rohtak city, India

83-87 Poonam Dalal, Vinay Malik, Dhruva Chaudhry, Vineeta Shukla

Assessment of air pollution tolerance levels of some plant species of Jammu

89-93 Barneet Kour, Anil K. Raina

Evaluation of physico-chemical and microbiological parameters of Jhajjar rivulet of J&K

95-98 Indu Bhushan Sharma, Arvind Kumar Yadav , Vijeshwar Verma

Analysis of heavy metals and coliform in samples of drinking water collected from municipal ward offices of western suburbs of Mumbai, India

99-107 G.V Zodape

Sediment texture and nutrients of Muttukadu, sand bar built backwaters, Tamilnadu, India

109-116 G. Kalpana , Usha Natesan

Effects of Zn stress on antioxidant enzyme activity in Lemna polyrrhiza L.

117-121 Punita Parikh, Krupa Unadkat

Quantitative and physico-chemical characterization of domestic solid waste in a typical Nigerian municipality

123-133 Nnaji Chidozie Charles

Evaluation of physico-chemical quality of groundwater in the surroundings of Valiathura sewage farm in Thiruvananthapuram District, Kerala, South India

135-148 Jainy Varghese, D.S. Jaya

Development of primary cell culture from the caudal fin region of snow trout Schizothorax plagiostomus (Heckel)

149-152 Ashish K. Chowdhary , S N Bahuguna

Equilibrium isotherm studies for the sorption of Nickel ions onto coal fly ash

153-159 Ajay K. Agarwal, Mahendra S. Kadu, Chandrashekhar P. Pandhurnekar, Ishwardas L. Muthreja

Existing practices of rural women related to environmental sanitation

161-169 Poree Saikia Gogoi, Juliana Sharma

Studies on prevalence of Cestodes parasitizing Gallus gallus domesticus

171-175 Dhanraj Balbhim Bhure , Sanjay Shamrao Nanware

Integrated modified anaerobic baffled reactor with aerobic post treatment for nutrient removal from aquaculture wastewater

177-184 Valsa Remony Manoj, Namasivayam Vasudevan

Propagation of Quercus robur L. (English Oak) by stem cuttings in Western Himalayas (Kashmir)

185-189 Javaid Iqbal, V. Dutt, Hillal Ahmad, G.M. Bhat, P. A. Khan

A preliminary study on lichen diversity of Kailash and its environs, Bhaderwah, J&K

191-193 Sachin Sharma, Anil K. Raina, D.K. Upreti

Determination of Zn, Cd, Pb and Cu metals in ground water of District Hapur, Uttar Pradesh (India) by anodic stripping voltammetric technique

195-199 Udit Mohan, Randhir Singh, Prem Singh, Suhas N., Poonam Kashyap Prusty, Varun Tyagi, Sweety K.

Monthly variation in physico-chemical properties of Kosi River in Almora district, Uttrakhand

201-205 Pramod Kumar, Hem Chandra Upadhyay , Anupama Pandey

Studies on the fecundity of Mastacembelus armatus fish from River Narmada in West Nimar (M.P.)

207-211 Sunita Bakawale, R. R. Kanhere

Reports on cestode genus Senga (Dollfus, 1934) (Ptychobothridae, Luhe, 1902) of Mastacembelus armatus from Marathwada region Maharashtra, India

213-219 Dhanraj Balbhim Bhure, Sanjay Shamrao Nanware, Dhanraj Balbhim Bhure, C.R. Kasar

Effect of textile industrial effluents on seed germination of Lentil (Lens esculentum)

221-222 Pawan Kr. Bharti, Pawan Kumar

Efficacy of NPV (Nucleopolyhedrosis virus) against C.partellus in Maize crop

223-224 Mrityunjay Kumar Sinha, M. Mohan

Seasonal trends in physico-chemical parameters and zooplankton in a freshwater reservoir of Dejla Dewada, Khargone, M.P.

225-228 S. K. Pathak , Sandhya Kshetrey