Published: June 18, 2012

Beneficial effects of Blue- Green Algae and Azolla in rice culture

1-5 K. Bhuvaneshwari

Phytochemical investigation and antimicrobial screening of extracts of Litchi chinensis leaves from Dehradun region, India

7-10 Rishi Kumar Shukla , Deepak Painuly, Abha Shukla , Anirudh Porval

The temperature dependence of the acute toxicity of heavy metals (cadmium, copper and mercury) to a freshwater pond snail, Lymnae aluteola L.

11-15 Sangita Das, A. K. Sharma , Tabrez Ahmad

Prevalence of dental fluorosis in children and associated fluoride levels in drinking water sources of District Doda, J&K, India

17-21 Sehrish Gazal , Anil K. Raina

Induced breeding of snowtrout (Schizothorax richardsonii -Gray), from Garhwal Himalaya (Uttarakhand, India) by pituitary gland extract

23-29 Madhu Thapliyal, S. N. Bahuguna, Tribhuwan Chandra, Ashish Thapliyal

A report on anthropogenic activities in the riparian zone of River Manuni, Himachal Pradesh

31-38 Neeraj Kumar Sharma, Manju P. Gusain, O. P. Gusain

Seed germination of wheat (Triticum aestivum) and the effect of textile industrial effluents on radical and hypocotyls lengths

39-41 Pawan Kr. Bharti, Pawan Kumar

Species diversity in two different forest of Siwalik Range in J&K Himalaya, India

43-49 L.R. Dangwal, Tajinder Singh, Amandeep Singh , Antima Sharma

Impact of 30 days exposure of whole Paper mill effluent (WRPBILE) on nucleic acid profile in the liver and gonad of freshwater teleost Mystus vittatus during annual reproductive cycle

51-56 Arvind Mishra, C.P.M. Tripathi

Preliminary investigation and antimicrobial screening of successive extracts of phytoconstituents from Cassia fistula of Haridwar region, India

57-62 Rishi Kumar Shukla, Anirudh Porval , Abha Shukla , Deepak Painuly

Fungal disease complex in Balsam plant-A new record from Uttar Pradesh

63-64 Nishat Asif

Aloe vera extract characterization and its protection against fenvalerate induced toxicity in Heteropneustes fossilis

65-71 L.K. Mudgal, P.K. Joshi, Rinku Sharma

A list of ethno-medicinally important trees of Ramnagar forest division in Kumaon

73-77 Shikha Pant

Nutrient dynamics in relation to discharge of sewage in Winganga River water at Pauni, District Bhandara (M.S.), India

79-83 A.D. Bobdey, A.P. Sawane

Studies on flora and faunal diversity in Hirekalgudda state forest, Arasikere, Hassan, Karnataka, India

85-92 T. Vasantha Naik, K.M. Prashantha, H.A. Sayeswara, H.S.Ravikumar Patil

Physico-chemical and microbial aspects of Mansi Ganga water

93-96 Praveen Kumar, Ruchi Agrawal, H.B. Sharma

The histopathological effects of detergent ‘Tide’ on foot and mantle of the fresh water snail, Bellamya bengalensis Lamarck

97-100 P. Raghava Kumari, K. Sree Ramulu, B. Kishore

Some common wild fodder weeds used by Gujjar tribe of district Rajouri (J&K)

101-105 L. R. Dangwal , Amandeep Singh

Effect of Nickel ion on Stem of Hydrilla verticillata L.

107-110 Krupa Unadkat, Punita Parikh, Vinay Patel

Bioremediation of diesel contaminated soil through microbial flora

111-114 Snehita Chauhan, Ram Saran Chaurasiya

Effluent quality assessment of different drains in SIDCUL industrial Area at Haridwar (Uttarakhand)

115-118 Pawan Kumar, PawanKr. Bharti

Seasonal variation in physico-chemical characteristic status of River Yamuna in Doon Valley of Uttarakhand

119-124 D.R. Khanna, Rakesh Bhutiani, Gagan Matta, Vikas Singh, Fouzia Ishaq

Ichthyofaunal diversity of Wardha river and Nirguda river in selected stretch of Wani, Dist. Yeotmal, (M.S.), India

125-128 D.B. Khamankar, R.R. Kamdi, A.P. Sawane

Zooplankton diversity in three water bodies of Satara District (M.S.) India

129-132 S.M. Pawar, S.R. Sonawane

Threatened wetland birds at Sirpur tank, Indore (M.P.)

133-135 Man Mohan Prakash, Manjeet Malhotra, Kishore Panwar

Physico-chemical study of holy reservoir Mansi Ganga at Goverdhan (District Mathura)

137-140 Ruchi Agrawal, Praveen Kumar , H.B. Sharma

Zooplankton abundance and its correlations with physico-chemical parameters from urban lakeWani, Dist. Yeotmal, Maharashtra.

141-144 A. P. Sawane, M.C. Kale, A.D. Bobdey

Physico-chemical and microbiological status of River Asan in Dehradun Uttarakhand

145-150 D.R. Khanna, R. Bhutiani, Gagan Matta, Fouzia Ishaq

Three new taxa of Corynespora Gussow from India

151-155 D.P. Singh, T P Mall

Evaluation of nutritive value of local fishes in Wani region, Dist. Yavatmal, (Maharashtra)

157-160 D.B. Khamankar, R R Kamdi, A P Sawane

Water quality analysis of selected schools of Kumaonregion,Uttarakhand, India

161-167 Rajendra Dobhal, Nasreen Jeelani, D.P. Uniyal, Sarita Khandka, N.G. Shrivastava

Rainfall prediction model

169-171 Priyanka Rajvanshi, Amit Singh

Species composition and diversity of tree species along an altitudinal gradient in Sewa catchment of north-western Himalayas, Jammu and Kashmir, India

173-179 Anil K. Raina, Neeraj Sharma

Ganga water quality at Kangri Village, District Haridwar with reference to physico-chemical parameters

181-186 D.R. Khanna, Anurag Mohan, Snehlata

Herbal plants as potent candidate for Anti-ulcer drug development

187-189 Nishant Rai , Navin Kumar, Pankaj Gautam, Pramod Rawat

Evaluation Potential of L.triscula L. in the absorption of Zn and its effects on tissues

191-194 Krupa Unadkat , Punita Parikh

Ethno-medicinal Plants used for Amenorrhoea and Abnormal Menstruation Diseases in Narendra Nagar Block, District TehriGarhwal, Uttarakhand

195-197 Antima Sharma, L. R. Dangwal

Additions to Stenella Syd.from North Western Tarai Forests of U.P., India

199-202 D.P. Singh, T.P. Mall

Water quality of the river Tawi, near Sitlee pumping station, at Sitlee water treatment complex and at consumer points in old Jammu city.

203-210 Meenakshi Khajuria, S P S Dutta

Study of planktonic diversity of river Ganga from Devprayag to Roorkee, Uttarakhand (India)

211-217 D.R. Khanna, R. Bhutiani, Gagan Matta, Vikas Singh, Gaurav Bhadauriya