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Jackfruit is an important tropical fruit grown extensively in homesteads of Kerala. Even though jackfruit is a pack house of nutritional components, it remains underexploited and facing huge postharvest loss. Jackfruit bulb and seed are rich in carbohydrates, proteins, fibre and other bioactive compounds and can be utilised for the development of value added products with health benefits and jackfruit pasta is promising as demand for nutritious pasta is increasing domestically as well as internationally. The present study aimed to develop red amaranthus enriched functional jackfruit pasta with natural red colour, nutritional qualities and consumer acceptability. The red amaranthus paste was added in two different proportions (5% and 10%) to different formulations of jackfruit pasta  comprising of jackfruit bulb flour, seed flour and cassava flour replacing a portion of refined flour. The enrichment with 10% of red amaranthus as paste to jackfruit pasta formulations reduced cooking loss, improved the cooking quality characters, nutritional quality, and sensory attributes and produced naturally coloured pasta with higher consumer acceptability.


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Swathi, . B., Lekshmi, . G., & Sajeev, . M. (2019). Cooking quality, nutritional composition and consumer acceptance of functional jackfruit pasta enriched with red amaranthus . Environment Conservation Journal, 20(3), 89–97.


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