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A field experiment was carried for the duration of Rabi 2020-21 at crop research farm of SHUATS, Prayagraj (U.P.).The soil of experimental site was sandy loam in texture, almost impartial in soil reaction (PH 7.4), specified in randomized block design. It includes of two factors, Phosphorus levels i.e., P1-(30 kg/ ha), P2-(40 kg/ ha), P3-(50 kg/ ha) and Sulphur levels i.e., S1- (15 kg/ ha), S2-(20 kg/ ha), and S3 (25 kg/ ha) which was replicated thrice. Results shown significantly increase in growth parameters viz. , plant height (44.97 cm), number of number of nodules (10.26), dry weight (15.63g), yield attributes viz., number of pods per plant (90.67), number of seeds per pod (1.93), test weight (18.53g) and yield viz., seed yield (1986.66 kg/ ha), straw yield (3450.00 kg/ ha), harvest index (35.98 %).Higher gross returns (? 118536/ha), net returns (? 84360.50) and B:C ratio (2.46) Therefore, concluded that combination of phosphorus 50 kg/ ha + sulphur 25 kg/ ha recorded significantly in all parameters.


Lentil Phosphorus Sulphur Yield Economics

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Yadavalli, N. R., C., U., & Sanodiya , L. (2022). Effect of phosphorus and sulphur levels on growth and yield of lentil (Lens culinaris L.). Environment Conservation Journal, 23(3), 313–319.


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