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Present study for investigating the role of organic amendments on the growth and production of the black gram (Vigna mungo). The findings of the research illustrate that, the application of vermicompost + ghanajeevamrutha based on 100 % RDP + Rhizobium + PSB documented a significantly greater Dry matter yield (2740 kg/ha), number of pods/plant (19.33), number of seeds/pod (6.33), the grain yield (701.33 kg/ha), the haulm yield (2038.76 kg/ha) as compared to others and higher gross returns (?. 54540 ha-1), net returns ( ?. 23083 ha-1) and Benefit-Cost ratio (1.74) in black gram production.


Black gram Farm yard manure Ghanajeevamrutha Rhizibium Vermicompost

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Nallagatla, V. K., Patil , M. ., Nadagouda , B., & Beerge , R. . (2022). The Influential role of organic sources on yield and economics of black gram [Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper]. Environment Conservation Journal, 23(3), 309–312.


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