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Eresidae are represented poorly in Indian fauna. All over the world about hundred species in ten genera are known and about 29 species have been studied under the genus Stegodyphus. The genus Stegodyphus was established by Simon 1873, with the type species S. lineatus Latneille. Pocock (1900) described five species of Stegodyphus. Tikader (1963) illustrated Pococks Stegodyphus pacificus socialis for easy identification. Gajbe (2007) redescribed and reillustrated Stegodyphus sarasinorum Karsch including male. The study examines species in a relatively diverse lineage of genus Stegodyphus, where they undergone adaptive radiation. One new species of spider from family Eresidae, genus Stegodyphus (Stegodyphus semadohensis sp. nov. female) is recorded from Satpuda (Maharashtra State) India, during 2009.


Spiders Eresidae Stegodyphus semadohensis

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Deshmukh, . U. S. (2013). Stegodyphus semadohensis: A new species from family Eresidae, recorded from Satpuda, Maharashtra, India (Arachnida: Araneae: Eresidae). Environment Conservation Journal, 14(3), 109–111.


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