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A survey of the avifauna of district Kargil was carried out using a combination of Line Transect method and Point Transect method to record the avifaunal diversity and their feeding guilds. The bird census was carried out from April 2010 to April 2012. The study area lies between 340 15' to 340 47' 30'' North latitudes and 75? 45' to 76? 3' East longitudes. The area constitutes a part of the Trans-Himalayas in Jammu And Kashmir State. The area is comprised of high rocky mountains with snow bound peaks and arid desert devoid of natural vegetation. The altitudinal range of the area varies between 2430m to 4192m above msl. The study revealed 102 species of birds. Six major feeding categories were considered viz. insectivorous, carnivorous, grainivorous, omnivorous, frugivorous and herbivorous. The highest number of bird species was observed to utilize more than one feeding guild followed by insectivorous, carnivorous, grainivorous and omnivorous bird species. Feeding guild of 1 species i.e., Black-crowned Night Hereon was not recorded during the study.


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Motup, T. ., & Sahi, D. N. . (2013). Feeding guilds of the avifauna of District Kargil in Jammu and Kashmir State. Environment Conservation Journal, 14(1&2), 107–111.


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