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The aim of the present study was to evaluate the effects of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) in the prenatal period on biomarkers of oxidative stress and fertility of F1 generation. Material and Methods: The pregnant rats divided to 3 group’s treatment (EMF exposure), Sham (off -EMF) and control. After delivery the blood sample of mothers provided and pups were kept until maturity age, and then their fertility was investigated. Results: CAT in treatment group was significantly decreased but no differences in GPX were observed. In treatment group decrease in multicellular embryos and abnormality in cleavage pattern was found. Conclusion: Exposure in EMF cause oxidative stress and reduce fertility.


EMF Fertility F1 generation Oxidative Stress Prenatal

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Rad , J. S. ., Roshangar, L. ., Gharamaleki, H. ., Valipoor, A. ., & Kia, K. K. . (2014). Effects of prenatal exposure to electromagnetic fields on biomarkers of oxidative stress and fertility of F1 generation In-vitro. Environment Conservation Journal, 15(3), 165–169.


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