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Increasing pace of industrial development has created concern for the environmental issues.  Industrial organizations are the main consumer of natural resources provided by the environment. With the aim of exploring the status of awareness and practice of environmental sustainable practices in hosiery units of Ludhiana, this study was planned. An exploratory survey of 80 randomly selected hosiery industries was conducted in Ludhiana and the data was collected using the questionnaire cum interview schedule. The results revealed that majority of the units were aware of various serious environmental issues but only very few were sincerely making an effort towards trying to operate on the principles of social and environmental responsibility. Others operate simply to maximize profits and market shares externalizing their costs to the environment and the communities. Large scale units were more conscious regarding issues of corporate government, environmental and social responsibility in comparison to small and medium scale units. This research was aimed at making industry aware of the seriousness of global warming and, hence motivating them to do something regarding it.


Empirical Research Environmental policy and goals Environmental sustainable practices effect on performance

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Kaur , P. ., & Jit Kaur , S. . (2015). Environmental sustainability: A distinguishing cognizance in the Hosiery industry of Ludhiana. Environment Conservation Journal, 16(3), 49–57.


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