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Ayurveda has considered sleep as one of the most important dimensions of health associated with happiness and good health. The man of 21st century is breathing under various stresses, strain, anxiety and irregular and unnatural food habits so insomnia is a very common sleep disorder stressful life event are closely associated with the onset of insomnia and are mediated by certain predisposing personality factors. Shirodhara is used popularly for the headache, nervous disorder, stress, insomnia, and hypertension etc. Shirodhara is based on the principle of invigorating the mind bringing on essence in the body. Shirodhara works on the forehead and calming the nerves. It also help to enhance blood circulation to the brain & there by helps to beat insomnia and calms the mind and body. A clinical study on 20 cases of insomnia was done to evaluate the efficacy of shirodhara with ashwagandha taila (sesame oil processed with ashwagandha – Withania somnifera). In their treatment the  efficacy was evaluated on the basis of characteristics of sleeplessness, sleep awake schedule, sleep quality, sleep time, feeling after awakening and associated symptoms. The effect of therapy was also evaluated at DASS scale. The overall result of this measure is work encouraging and significantly effective.


insomnia nidra shirodhara ashwagandha taila

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Sharma , U. K. ., Kumar , S. ., Kumawat, V. ., Yadav , S. ., & Chaudhary, K. . (2015). Role of shirodhara with ashwagandha taila in management of stress induced insomnia. Environment Conservation Journal, 16(1&2), 159–163.


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