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Increasing urbanization and growth in vehicular density has become a growing concern in recent years. Road dusts in urban areas are indicators of heavy metal contamination. In present study road dust samples have been taken from 30 representative locations categorized as residential, commercial and industrial areas in Lucknow city for assessing the concentration of eight heavy metals. Results showed that road dust samples contained significantly high levels of the metals as compared to the values from the background site. In all the road dusts, iron is the most available and labile element followed by zinc. Road  dusts concentration varied from 2365.21-10652.01 for Fe, 94.11-374.23 for Zn, 58.80-185.56 for Mn,5.45-55.26 for lead, 6.63-60.12 for Cu, 3.07-26.45 for Cr, 2.50-18.69 for Ni and 0.14-0.85 for Cd. All concentration values are in mg/kg. Contamination was assessed on the basis of contamination factor and pollution load index. The overall degree of contamination is of the order industrial> commercial > residential.  A very significant correlation was found between zinc, copper, lead and chromium. The results of multivariate analysis showed that Zn, Cr, Cu, Pb & Ni were associated mainly with anthropogenic activities while Fe and Mn was controlled by lithogenic materials.


Anthropogenic Background Commercial Heavy metal Road dust Traffic emission

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Gupta, V. . ., & Kumar Arya , A. (2016). Demonstrating urban pollution using heavy metals in road dusts from Lucknow City, Uttar Pradesh, India. Environment Conservation Journal, 17(1&2), 137–146.


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