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The Hindon River is an important River of western Uttar Pradesh. The river is highly polluted due to industrial, municipal and agricultural activities. Regular monitoring of the quality of water is essential because clean water is obligatory for human health and the integrity of aquatic ecosystems. Therefore an attempt has been made in this study to assess the Hindon river water quality by analysing various Physico- chemical parameters. The various Physico- chemical parameters analysed are temperature, pH, TDS, Turbidity, DO, BOD, COD, Free CO2, Electrical Conductivity, Acidity, Total Hardness (TH), Chloride(Cl) and Alkalinity. During the study DO ranged from 0.5 mg/l to 1.8 mg/l, BOD ranged from 44.3 mg/l to 105.4 mg/l, TDS ranged from 320 mg/l to 690 mg/l, EC ranged from 788 ?S/cm to 1625 ?S/cm and the pH ranged from 6.4 to 8.2. Temperature was fund strongly negatively correlated (-0.906) with DO while a strong positive correlation was found between pH and DO (0.909) and between TDS and COD (0.914).



Hindon River Physico- Chemical Parameter Pollution Riparian zones

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Bhutiani, R. ., Ruhela , M. ., & Ahamad, F. . (2017). Limnological characterisation of Hindon River at NCR (Uttar Pradesh), India. Environment Conservation Journal, 18(1&2), 219–229.


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