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FAME Analysis is a simple and rapid technique based on Gas Chromatography analysis of bacterial cell membrane. Biochemical lipid profiling of bacterial cell membrane helps to identify bacterial isolates using MIDI Sherlock system. The main objective of present study is rapid and accurate identification of   multidrug resistant Enterococcal isolates and to study their clinical profile for complicated nosocomial infection from the clinical samples collected at tertiary care center in Chandrapur region. It is essential to identify the causative organism for proper diagnosis and treatment of diseases as enterococcus is fastly emerging pathogen responsible for life threating nosocomial infection and other health hazards.


Antibiotics Enterococcus Fatty acid methyl esterase (FAME) Gas chromatography

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Muttawar , A. S., & Wadhai , V. S. (2024). Fatty acid profiling of enterococcal isolates by Fames analysis with reference to antibiotic resistance from clinical samples collected in the Chandrapur region. Environment Conservation Journal, 25(1), 112–119.


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