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The current experiment was conducted during 2020-21 at the Microbiology Laboratory, CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Regional Research Station Bawal to examine the impact of bio-inoculants and chemicals seed priming on bael seed germination. There were 15 seed priming treatments i.e., control, IBA @ 100 ppm and 50 ppm for 24 hours, NAA @ 50 and 100 ppm for 24 hours, GA3 @ 50 and 100 ppm for 24 hours, KNO3 @ 1 per cent for 24 hours, Azotobacter (HT 54) for 30 minutes, Trichoderma viride for 30 minutes, Rhizobium (CK 16) for 30 minutes, PSB (P 36) for 30 minutes, hot water for 30 minutes, nitric acid for 3 minutes, sulphuric acid for 3 minutes. Among different seed priming treatments, shortest germination time (12.7 days) was recorded with sulphuric acid for 3 minutes in agar medium at 28 ⁰C under laboratory conditions and the highest germination percentage (83.3 %), dry weight per seedling (153.2 mg), seedling length (12.2 cm) and vigour index I (976) and II (12256) were observed when bael seeds primed with GA3 @ 100 ppm for 24 hours under laboratory conditions.


Azotobacter Bael Bioinoculants Germination percentage Gibberellic acid Seed priming

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Govind, Kumar, M., Kumar, M., Hardeep, & Sangwan, D. (2024). Effect of seed priming on germination parameters of Bael (Aegle marmelos Corr.) under laboratory conditions. Environment Conservation Journal, 25(1), 199–205.


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