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The present  paper describes  fluctuation in the population  density of Macro-Invertebrates of river Ganga at Pashulok Barrage, Rishikesh.   This  investigation  was  carried  out  between  September  1998  and  Feb   1999.  Total   Eight  groups  of  Macro­ invertebrates were observed. Out of which, Diptera (33.52%). Ephimeroptera  (30.62%), Gastropoda  (13.65%) and Trichoptera (10.59%) dominated over  the other groups. The population of Macro-Invertebrates found maximum in the month of  February, whereas  the minimum values were recorded  in September.


Macro-Invertebrates River Ganga

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Khanna, D. R., Chugh, T., & Sarkar, P. (2001). Fluctuation in the Population Density of Macro-invertebrates of River Ganga at Pashulok Barrage, Rishikesh. (Uttranchal, India). Environment Conservation Journal, 2(1), 37–39.


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