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Hemp is dual purpose crop, where fibers and seeds have found its place in textile and food industry due to its strong fiber and nutrition content in seed. The cultivation of hemp is a new venture in India where farmers get dual income by both fibers and seeds hence, optimizing spacing and nutrient management to harness maximum yield of fiber and seed can double the income of farmers. The present investigation on economics of hemp cultivation revealed that the, maximum gross returns (Rs. 5,74,000/ ha) were obtained from plants grown at 10 cm × 5 cm spacing and supplied with 125 per cent RDF plus PGPR consortia but highest B:C ratio of 4.68 was observed in plants grown at spacing of 20 cm × 10 cm and nourished with 100 per cent of RDF plus PGPR consortia for fiber purposes. Upon considering seed economics maximum gross returns (Rs. 12,58,200/ ha) was recorded in the treatment combination of 10 cm × 10 cm spacing and supplied with 125 per cent RDF plus PGPR consortia while, maximum B:C ratio of 13.17 was noted from plots where plants were spaced at 15 cm × 10 cm and supplied with nutrition of 100 per cent RDF plus PGPR consortia for seed purposes.


Cost of cultivation Gross returns Net returns BC ratio

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HR, M., B.N., M. P., B.N., D., T.H., S., & sirupa, H. redi. (2023). Comparing the economics of hemp (Cannabis sativa ssp. sativa) cultivation for fiber and seed yield as influenced by spacing and nutrition. Environment Conservation Journal, 24(3), 136–143.


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