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Preliminary work was executed at the processing laboratory of ICAR (Research complex) for NEH Region, Arunachal Pradesh Centre, Basar, to prepare and assess the physico-chemical properties of fresh juice blends. The experiment comprised of nine treatments consisting of fresh pineapple, passion fruit and ginger juice blends in different ratios following CRD with three replications. It was found that the treatment (T5) passion fruit-ginger juice at the ratio of 90:10 blended RTS beverage exhibited the highest pH (4.33), ascorbic acid (18.73 mg per 100 ml) and beta carotene (245.33 µg per 100 ml). The TSS and acidity percent were non-significant as all the sample treatments were maintained almost uniform at 15 ºBrix and 0.30 percent. Further, it also revealed that both the sugar i.e. reducing and total sugar of the fresh mixed RTS drink was recorded maximum in (T2) pineapple-passion fruit juice ratio of 70:30. Organoleptic traits of freshly mixed ready to serve drinks after evaluated by a member of juries based on 9 Points Hedonic Scale vividly indicated that treatment (T1) pineapple-passion fruit RTS at 50:50 ratio recorded the most favoured taste, colour, flavour ultimately attributing to the highest overall acceptability.


Pineapple Passion fruit Ginger Juice Ready-to Serve Beverage

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Angami, T., Assumi, S., Kalita, H., Saloi, B., Singh, K. S., Touthang, L., Makdoh, B., & Tasung, A. (2023). Preparation and evaluation of fresh pineapple, passion fruit and ginger blended ready-to-serve drink. Environment Conservation Journal, 24(3), 63–66.


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