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Turmeric varieties viz., Rajendrasonia and Pitamber were subjected to water stress by irrigating at different intervals. Impact of water stress on morphological, physiological and yield parameters of both the varieties were investigated. In this study irrigation treatments divided into three groups. Group A, control receives water weekly once. For every two weeks once group B was irrigated and for every three weeks once group C was irrigated. Plants which are under heavy water stress showed gradual reduction in morphological, physiological and yield parameters, i.e. plant height, number of leaves, leaf area, leaf area index, Net Assimilation rate, Relative Growth rate , fresh and dry weight of rhizome. Pitamber and Rajendrasonia growth parameters, physiological and yield parameters were slightly affected in moderate stress compared to control. In heavy stress condition the two varieties severely affected compared to control and moderate stress. Among the two selected varieties Pitamber was less affected in all parameters except in leaves number, tuberous roots length and in dry weight in moderate and   heavy stress.


Pitamber Rajendrasonia Water stress

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Kedarini, S., & Nageswara Rao, S. (2023). Water stress influence of Rajendrasonia and Pitamber turmeric varieties. Environment Conservation Journal, 24(3), 116–125.


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