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Indiscriminate use of toxic pesticides in agriculture has raised serious

concerns worldwide, which led to a steady destruction of soil biota as well as the overall health of ecosystem. The present study was designed to evaluate the effects of selected agrochemicals such as cyfluthrin (insecticide), fytran (fungicide) and oxadiargyl (herbicide) on the moulting stages of soil springtail Cyphoderus javnaus. Laboratory analysis results indicated that the agrochemical treated organisms showed prolonged moulting intervals and need more days than normal to become a complete adult having sexual maturity. On treatment with the sub lethal concentration of oxadiargyl, first moult noticed after12th day, second moult after24 th day, third moult after 36 th day of egg hatching. The effect of herbicide oxadiargyl on Cyphoderus javanus was found to be comparatively higher than that of other two pesticides. The changes noticed in developmental stages, moulting period and egg laying pattern in Cyphoderus javanus when exposed to agrochemicals indicated that this soil collembolan is a potential biomarker of ecotoxicology investigations.


BOD incubator Cyfluthrin Fytran Oxadiargyl Spring tails

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LR, B., & Kumar , M. S. (2023). Ecotoxicological studies of selected agrochemicals on the moulting stages of Cyphoderus javanus under laboratory conditions. Environment Conservation Journal, 24(2), 16–20.


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