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Mulches are materials that are put to the surface of the soil for a variety of reasons. Plastic mulches of various colours have been developed and employed in a variety of agricultural production methods. Colored plastic mulches are used to modify the radiation budget and prevent soil water loss. It also helps with weed and insect infestation, as well as soil temperature regulation, water efficiency, plant development, yield, and quality. This paper reviews and discusses the understanding and prospective application of coloured plastic mulches to improve soil physical attributes growth, yield, and crop quality. Colored plastic mulches' effectiveness in minimising the detrimental impacts of environmental stress on crops is also explored. The impact of coloured plastic mulches on soil temperature has been documented by several researchers to vary from area to area and crop to crop. Various physicochemical mechanisms have also described that result in increased crop productivity when coloured plastic mulches are employed. Colored plastic mulches have a significant impact on soil temperature, moisture, and water holding capacity, according to the study. Clear and white plastics lower the temperature of the soil, but black and blue plastics raise it. A higher number of fruits, roots, tubers, and bulbs were produced when coloured plastic mulches were used. TSS, Vitamin C, and the proportion of liquid in diverse plants all improved significantly. Infestation of weeds and viral diseases has also been found to be significantly reduced. Reduced plant growth and yield, increased pest infestation, microplastic pollution, soil puddling, soil structural loss, and reduced soil-microorganism activity are some of the disadvantages of coloured plastic mulches. As a result, using coloured plastic mulches demands a detailed investigation of interactions with factors such as cropping season, root zone temperature, crop type, insect pest infestation, and water use efficiency.


Colored plastic mulches black color film silver plastic film red plastic film water use efficiency

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Deepika Yadav, Ramana Rao KV, Ayu, A. T., Yogesh Rajwade, & Neelendra Verma. (2023). Reflective mulch films a boon for enhancing crop production: A review. Environment Conservation Journal, 24(1), 281–287.


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