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An investigation to know the effect of nano zinc and silicon on quality and yield of rice was conducted at AHRS, Bavikere, KSNUAHS, Shivamogga. The experiment consisted 12 treatments replicated thrice and was laid in completely randomized block design. The different treatment combinations of seed treatment of nano zinc and silicon, foliar spray of zinc and silicon nanoparticles were compared with conventional sources and the control. Application of both zinc and silicon (T6) in nano form as foliar @ 40 ppm each at 40 DAT registered significantly higher no. of productive tillers (18.72), protein content (11.41 %), starch content (75.70 %) grain yield (6034 kg/ha), straw yield (6693 kg/ha) with higher economic net returns (98631 Rs ha-1), foliar spray of zinc nano particles alone @ 40 ppm at 40 DAT showed next best results.


Foliar application Nano zinc and silicon Rice SEM

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Karchedu, S., Gubbi Koteodayar , G., Salimath, S. B., Hanchinmani, V., & Marulasiddappa, D. B. (2023). Effect of zinc and silicon nanoparticles on yield, quality and economics of lowland paddy. Environment Conservation Journal, 24(2), 293–300.


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