Effects of mulching and nutritional strategies on the growth and yield of sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum L.)



Published Apr 20, 2024
Nayana H Maruthi Prasad B. N. Shivanna M. Halesh G. K. Prasanna H. S. Meghana H. R.


The effect of mulching and nutrition on the growth and yield of sweet basil was examined by experimenting with four mulch treatments, viz., without mulch, black plastic, silver plastic, and organic mulch combined with four different nutrient compositions, viz., a 100% recommended dose of fertilizer (RDF), a combination of 75% RDF with humic acid, 75% RDF with microbial consortia and 75% RDF, and humic acid and microbial consortia, which served as sixteen treatment combinations with 100% RDF without mulch as a control. Among the different treatments, mulch had a significant effect on growth and yield parameters, with black plastic mulch having the maximum plant height (88.20 cm), number of branches (14.95), plant spread (5415 cm2), stem diameter (12.64 mm), fresh herbage yield (24.55 t/ha) and dry herbage yield (8.72 t/ha). Thus, the study revealed that among the various mulch treatments, black plastic mulch significantly enhanced the growth and yield parameters of sweet basil, demonstrating its efficacy in promoting optimal plant development and productivity.

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H, N., Prasad B. N., M., M. , S., G. K., H., H. S., P., & H. R., M. (2024). Effects of mulching and nutritional strategies on the growth and yield of sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum L.). Environment Conservation Journal. https://doi.org/10.36953/ECJ.26422774


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Growth, Humic acid, Microbial consortia, Mulch, Yield

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