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The present investigation is entitled as Garrett scoring technique for assessing the constraints faced by dairy farmers of Madhepura district, Bihar. The primary data were collected from 120 cooperative farmers through the random sampling method. During the study, various constraints under economics and marketing of milk were evaluated as per the response of sample dairy farmers of the study area. Major economic constraints recognised among the group of sample farmers were higher cost of cattle feed, easy availability of veterinary facilities, high cost of the improved animal, while major marketing constraints were low price of milk, lack of suitable transportation, delay in getting milk price. It was also found that the number of dairy farmers decreased in the cooperative milk collection centre with the increase of distance. There was also scope for reduction in the cost of milk production by using modern methods and technologies of dairy farming that was completely absent in the study area.


Dairy farmers Economic constraints Garrett scoring technique Marketing constraints

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Raj, K., & Ramachandra. (2022). Garrett scoring technique for assessing the constraints faced by dairy farmers of Madhepura district, Bihar. Environment Conservation Journal, 23(1&2), 335–341.


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