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An annotated checklist of the Blattids of Maharashtra state is prepared based on the available literature and online database resources. Earlier studies has been made by (Jadhav and Sharma, 2012) listed that 12 species of Blattids from this state, in the present situation an updated checklist has been made to the Blattodea fauna includes 32 species comprises 4 family comes under 23 genera. Globally the Blattodea contains a total of 7570 species are recognized, of which 4641 species are cockroaches and 2929 species are termites has been listed (Krishna, 2013). This 4641 species are accommodated under 492 genera belonging to 8 families. Among this, 170 species under 65 genera belonging to 5 families, so far reported from India (Prabakaran and Senraj 2018) (Excluding Epifamily: Termitoidae).The classification followed here as after Beccaloni & Eggleton 2013.


Blattids termites cockroach fauna

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Prabakaran, . S., Senraj., . M., Packiam, . S. M., & Jaiswal, . D. (2019). Checklist of Blattodea from Maharashtra State in India. Environment Conservation Journal, 20(3), 39–48.


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