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Birds have been always fascinated for their ability to fly in air and for their exquisite coloration. They have their functional role in the ecosystem as potential pollinators and scavengers, and are rightly called as bio-indicators. The avifaunal diversity in Tapti River from Dedtalai to Burhanpur M.P. was studied for a period of one and half years (July 2017 –January 2019) The River inhabits several local and migratory bird species. Reduction in water retention in this river in summer has affected the avifaunal diversity in the study area. This habitat attracted 29 bird species belongs to 10 families, which are local and migratory. Highest population of migratory Red crested pochard, Spot billed Ducks and Great whistling Ducks were recorded in January while residents were herons and little cormorants.


Diversity Water birds Migratory Pollinators

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Keshre, . V. (2019). Seasonal diversity of water birds of Tapti River in Burhanpur District (M.P.) . Environment Conservation Journal, 20(3), 29–32.


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