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Nutraceutical enriched blended beverages were prepared by using different fruit combination of pomegranate, jamun, kokum and pomegranate rind powder, where the TSS (14 °B) was maintained by using raisin syrup. Fermentation was carried out for 72 hours using Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. ellipsoideus (MTCC 552) and left for ageing. Among different blending, combination Pomegranate aril (50%) + Pomegranate rind powder (1%) + Jamun pulp (20%) + Kokum (5%) recorded 28.80 mg 100-1 ascorbic acid, 4.4 % reducing sugars, 7.59 % total sugars, 414.72 mg GAE 100 ml-1 phenolic content, 255.78 mg GAE 100 ml-1 antioxidant content, 5.24 mg 100 ml-1 anthocyanin content, 3.80 % alcohol and rated superior by sensory panel.


Pomegranate Fermented beverage Reducing sugars Total sugars Total phenols Total antioxidants Sensory evaluation

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Karan, M., Sreenivas, . K., Manjula, . G., Chirag, . R., & Ulla, H., . M. T. . (2019). High value fermented nutraceutical product from pomegranate aril and rind blends. Environment Conservation Journal, 20(3), 19–27.


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