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Soil temperature and water content govern the breakdown of soil organic matter (SOM), which has a large impact on SOC storage. Apparently soil organic carbon is an excellent indicator of soil health.  In this experiment, the association between several soil health indices such as soil organic carbon (SOC), soil texture, and wet aggregate stability was investigated (WAS). It was discovered that there is a substantial positive relationship between wet aggregate stability and soil organic carbon storage. Soil carbon store in East Champaran soils ranged from 5.27 to 19.60 mg/ha, with an average of 12.98 mg/ha. The wet aggregate stability ranged from 3.82 to 36.43 %, with a mean of 16.11 %. Wet aggregate stability was shown to increase as the organic carbon storage in the soil increased. This experiment also indicated that clay (%) and silt (%) had a direct impact on wet aggregate stability and, as a result, soil organic carbon storage. As a result, wet aggregate stability and soil texture have a direct and favourable influence on soil organic carbon storage in East Champaran, Bihar soils


Correlation Soil organic matter (SOM) Soil organic carbon (SOC) Wet aggregate stability (WAS) Clay Sand Silt

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Vandana Kumari, Laik, R. ., Poonia , S. ., & Nath, D. (2022). Regulation of soil organic carbon stock with physical properties in alluvial soils of Bihar. Environment Conservation Journal, 23(1&2), 309–314.


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