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Drought is one of the key abiotic stress that critically influences the crops by restraining their growth and yield potential. Being sessile, plants tackle the detrimental effects of drought stress via modulating the cellular state by changing the gene expression. Such alteration of gene expression is essentially driven by the transcriptional syndicate. Transcription factors (TF) are the key regulatory protein that controls the expression of their target gene by binding to the cis-regulatory elements present in the promoter region. Myb-TFs ubiquitously present in all eukaryotes belong to one of the largest TF family, and play wide array of biological functions in plants including anthocyanin biosynthesis, vasculature system, cell signaling, seed maturation and abiotc stress responses. In the present study the full length Myb TF from Eleusine corocana was subcloned using Gateway cloning system and further transformed into Arabidopsis thaliana through floral dip method. Transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana plants harbouring Ecmyb1 gene were screened and grown in transgenic glasshouse under controlled conditions.


Abiotic stress , Transcriptional regulation MYB-transcription factor Gateway cloning Finger Millet

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Bhatt, M., Salvi, P. ., & Lohani, P. (2021). Gateway cloning and in-planta transformation of drought stress responsive Ecmyb1 gene isolated from Eleusine coracana var.PRM 6107. Environment Conservation Journal, 22(1&2), 205–211.


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