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Milk is assumed to be a complete food, due to its high nutritional status. Regular consumption of milk reduces the problems of nutrition deficiency. Milk contains sugar, mainly lactose in higher amount and lactose, with other ingredients of milk, also contributes to maintain the energy level of body. But, in some cases a problem arises due to the intake of lactose mainly owing to the deficiency of ?-galactosidase (Lactase) enzyme. Deficiency of lactase enzyme in human body, results in inefficiency of body for degrading the lactose into its smaller constituents. Un-degraded/ undigested lactose consumed by the bacteria and converts it into several acids and gases, which results in arise of several types of intestinal disorders. In this article, main focus is given on the lactose intolerance, its types, and remedies.


Milk, Lactose, Lactose intolerance, Lactase, Β-galactosidase, Gut microflora, Human digestive system

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Arjun Lonkar, S., Khatkar, A. B., Chandla, N. K., Singh, P. K., Kumar, S., Sain, M., & Khatkar, S. K. (2022). Lactose Intolerance: A Review for facts and fictions . Environment Conservation Journal, 23(3), 479–485.