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Present study was carried out to know the biology of white grub Anomala dimidiata (Hope) (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) collected from agricultural ecosystem with reference ecological conditions of Doon Valley. Anomala dimidiata (Hope) is a dominant species among the scarabaeid beetles and commonly distributed throughout India. Emergence of beetle is begun at the end of May when first pre-monsoon rain occurred, but peak emergence was observed in the second and third week of July after heavy rainfall. Maximum numbers of beetles were trapped during second and third week of July. Grubs were found throughout the year, causing severe damage to host plants. The males of this species show marked territorial behavior and chase the intruding conspecific females. During the study period, it was observed that the eggs are elongated, cylindrical and laid in clusters in. The observed copulation period was 40.0±14.14 min. The oviposition period was 8.0±1.41 days. The incubation period of eggs was 14.60±0.72 days. Larval period remained for 248 to 278 days. The pupal stage lasts for 14.70±0.62 days. The adult female is broadly oval, less convex shape and slightly larger than male. The stage lasts for 27.75±4.74 days.


Biology, White Grub, Anomala dimidiata Agricultural Ecosystem

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Sharma, P. K., Shah, M. L., & Mishra, A. K. (2021). Biology of white grub Anomala dimidiata (Hope) (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) in agricultural ecosystem, Doon Valley, (U.K.), India. Environment Conservation Journal, 22(1&2), 147–151.


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