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A field experiment was carried out during Zaid season of 2020 at Crop Research Farm, Department of Agronomy, SHUATS, Prayagraj, (U.P.). The soil of experimental site was sandy loam in texture, nearly neutral in soil reaction (pH 7.2), EC (0.34 dS/m), low in available N (203.7 kg/ha), medium in available P (17.2 kg/ha) and medium in available K (208.8 kg/ha). The experiment was laid out in Randomized block design and having nine treatment consisted of three levels of Phosphorus (P) viz., (40, 30 and 20 kg/ha) and three levels of Potassium (K) viz., (30, 20 and 10 kg/ha) which replicated thrice and effect was observed on Gujarat Til-4 sesame variety. The result showed significantly higher yield and yield attributes viz., Number of Capsules per plant (49.80), Seeds per capsule (56.4), Test weight (3.90 g), Seed yield (361 kg/ha), Biological yield (2002.15 kg/ha) and quality analysis i.e. Oil content (50.53%) were recorded maximum in application of 40 kg P/ha plus 20 kg K/ha.


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Priyadarshini, A., C, U., & Meshram, R. . (2021). Effect of different levels of phosphorus and potassium on yield, yield attributes and oil content of Sesame (Sesamum Indicum L.). Environment Conservation Journal, 22(1&2), 183–190.


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