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The purpose of this study is to compare the conventional and ultrasonic dyeing methods in terms of its colour strength and colour fastness properties of wool fabric dyed with Ratanjot root. The results suggested that dyeing of wool fabric with natural dye Ratanjot (Onosma echioides) using ultrasonic waves, significantly improved the dye uptake percentage to 12.31 per cent from conventional heating methods.  The fastness grade were found to be higher with ultrasonic than conventional heating. Additionally, the fabric dyed using ultrasonic waves gave a deeper shade and good colour intensity even at lower dyeing time (75min) and temperature (60°C). Therefore, ultrasound wave represents a promising technique for increasing diffusion of dye by the effect of cavitation, as well as for improving the effectiveness of processes when compared to conventional heating



Conventional Colour Strength Colour fastness Ratanjot Ultrasonic

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Bemcha, O. R. D., Bains, S. ., & Grewal, S. . (2021). Ultrasonic dyeing of wool fabric with aqueous extract of Ratanjot (Onosma echioides) natural dye. Environment Conservation Journal, 22(1&2), 79–86.


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