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Great Indian Bustard (GIB), Ardeotis nigriceps is a threatened bird species and listed as critically endangered. Presently, GIB is found only in six states of India i.e. Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. During the last 20 years the GIB population has crashed in many areas and presently the population could be as low as 500 birds in India. In Maharashtra, as per survey conducted during 2005-06, about 30 to 36 GIBs were counted. Out of these, 08 birds were reported from Chandrapur and Nagpur districts in Vidarbha region. Habitat of the GIBs in Chandrapur district is cultivated agriculture lands and grasslands around villages. During 2010-11, conducting regular visits, continuous monitoring and collecting information from foresters, local people we documented a breeding report of GIB from Vidarbha region. Total four nests were sighted in Warora and Bhadrawati talukas of Chandrapur district. Each nest contained a single egg. Out of these four nests, hatching took place in only two nests but only one chick survived; in the third nest the egg did not hatch for 40 days while at the fourth nest the egg was accidentally broken. So, immediate protection to nesting sites is required.


Ardeotis nigriceps breeding critically endangered great Indian bustard Vidarbha

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Wagh, G. A. . ., & Wadatkar, J. S. . . (2013). Some updates with successful first breeding report of Great Indian Bustard from Vidarbha region, Maharashtra. Environment Conservation Journal, 14(3), 41–45.


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