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The demands of population are gradually increasing rapidly. Most manufacturing and processing industries face obstacles or problems to fulfil this daily increase in demand. Even if the demand can be managed, the transmission of diseases through these sectors is also a considerable concern. Many new technologies are being used to avoid unbearable consequences, which arise because of human-to-human contact or interaction. Higher firms adopt a ton of computer software and other modern technologies to get rid of such problems. Farming, one among the essential professions is also being impacted; however, human beings have come a long way since they started farming. This paper examines how one of the latest technologies, Artificial Intelligence, has helped improve farming, agriculture, and related tasks to increase yield and productivity. How Animal Farming, Detection of Diseases in Plants, Grading processes of Agricultural Foods, and quality check of vegetables and fruits, have advanced with the aid of Artificial Intelligence, is summed up in the subsequent sections.


Agriculture artificial intelligence computer vision farming diseases machine learning

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Sidhu, K. S. ., Gill, A. S. ., Arora, A. ., Singh, R. ., Singh, G. ., Verma, M. K. ., & Kaur, B. . (2021). Advancements in farming and related activities with the help of artificial intelligence: a review. Environment Conservation Journal, 22(SE), 55–62.


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