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The present study has been carried to assess phytodiversity in the Lamberi Forest Range of Rajouri, J&K, India. A total of 222 species of angiosperms (217),  gymnosperm (1) and pteridophytes (4 ) belonging to 80 families and 167 genera has been recorded. Among angiosperms, dicots have been represented by 203 species distributed in 152 genera  and 69 families while the monocots have been represented by only 14 species  distributed in 6 families and 10 genera. Overall, the ratio of family to genus has been worked out to be 1: 2.87, family to species 1: 2.77 while the genus to species has been worked out to be 1: 1.32.The dominant families of the area were Asteraceae, Lamiaceae, Fabaceae and Rosaceae. Forty families show monotypic representation.


Angiosperm Gymnosperm Jammu Lamberi forest range Phytodiversity Pteridophytes

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Sharma, J. ., Raina, A. K. ., & Sharma, S. . (2014). Phytodiversity (Angiosperms, Gymnosperms and Pteridophytes) in Lamberi forest range, Rajouri, J&K, India. Environment Conservation Journal, 15(1&2), 35–47.


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