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The present communication deals with the pollution resistant plants reported from Nimar eco-region of Madhya Pradesh state. In all 49 plant species (39 dicot and 10 monocot ) belonging to 45 genera ( 36 dicot and 9 monocot ) and 27 families 22 dicot and 5 monocot) are reported from angiosperm while 1 species from Pteridophyta and 2 species from Gymnosperm are reported, which are found to be pollution tolerant in this area.


Air pollution noise pollution West Nimar water pollution

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Mahajan, S., Dulkar, C., Gupta , V. ., Mishra, S. ., & Keshre, M. (2014). A survey of pollution-resistant plants of Nimar eco-region of Madhya Pradesh . Environment Conservation Journal, 15(3), 171–173.


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