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Customers’ behavior during purchase from internet likewise traditional purchase behavior model derives from a series of cultural, social, personal and/or psychological factors. To increase knowledge and information of managers, marketers and researchers at e-marketing, this research had intended to examine effect of motivation as one of effective internal factors in consumer behavior and purchase behavior in internet. The theoretical framework of research was created based on the studies conducted at this area which individuals’ purchase motives were examined in two functional and non-functional motives and internet purchase behavior was examined in three dimensions of purchase intention, purchase acceptance and purchase continuity, which eight hypotheses were designed in line with the proposed model. The statistical population consists of the internet purchasers of NetBarg Company across Iran. Questionnaire was used as the instrument to collect data, which 166 customers of internet NetBarg shopping center were selected as the sample group. After collecting data, the hypotheses were analyzed via correlation test, regression analysis and path analysis technique. Results from investigations indicated that functional motives have a direct relationship with intention, acceptance and continuity of internet purchase and non-functional motives have a direct relationship with acceptance and intention of internet purchase.


internet marketing consumer purchase behavior internet purchase motives

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Bahrami, B. ., & Zahedi, A. E. . (2015). A Study on Effect of Motivation on Purchase Behavior in Iran’s Internet Marketing (Netbarg Company). Environment Conservation Journal, 16(SE), 477–485.


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