Management of psoriasis through ayurveda: case study


Pooja Rohilla
Parvesh Kumar
Shipra Raheja


This case study intends to evaluate the efficacy of Vaman-Virechan in the management of recurrent psoriasis.A 38 year male presenting with psoriasis with mild arthritis was diagnosed as Ekkustha (kapha-pitta dominance) as per Ayurveda. Vaman-Virechana and Panchtiktaghrit gugglu were given to the patient. Symptoms were assessed with PASI at pre and post therapy along with 6 months follow up. Improvement was observed with PASI score (reduced from 37.7 to 8.7). During follow up period no recurrence observed. Ayurveda shodhan & shaman therapy resulted in effective management of Psoriasis as assessed by validated scales.


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Anshul, Rohilla, P., Kumar, P. ., & Raheja, . S. . (2020). Management of psoriasis through ayurveda: case study. Environment Conservation Journal, 21(1&2), 177-181.


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