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Physiologically, a lot of noticeable changes occur in men around the ages of 40, 50 or even 60 depending on factors such as heredity, body constitution and even the environment. Impotence and loss of libido are the most devastating blows to hit men during climacteric. Be that as it may, for many men a loss of erection is equivalent to loss of life itself. Middle age normally constitutes the most stressful time for all men. Family responsibilities grow at this stage. The prominent symptom of male climacteric - reduced sexual drive is well defined by Ayurvedic scholars as the state of Jaravasthajanya Klaibya. Ayurveda has great potential in the management of health problems of the aged effectively, because it has got one separate branch termed as Jara Chikitsa or Rasayana tantra.


Rasayana Vajikarana Male Climacteric Shatavari

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Sharma, U. K. . ., Kumar , S. ., Pandey , R. ., & Pandey , V. . (2015). Rasayana and Vajikaran: An effective remedy in male climacteric . Environment Conservation Journal, 16(1&2), 165–168.


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