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The present study examined the factors that affect the poultry production in poultry enterprise of Jaipur district of Rajasthan state. The sample size of twenty poultry farms were randomly selected from a list of two hundred poultry farms in Jaipur district. The cob douglas production function was used to determine the factors affecting the poultry production as well as resource use efficiency. The ratio of marginal value product (MVP) and marginal factor cost (MFC) defined the resource use efficiency. The major factors involved in the poultry production like cost of chicks, feed cost, medicine cost, transportation cost and human labour cost were chosen for computation of resource use efficiency. The efficiency indicator i.e. RUE= 0.27 for feed cost showed feeds were over utilized and other factors RUE indicated that the cost of chicks, medicine cost, transportation cost and human labour cost were found underutilized.


MFC MVP poultry enterprise Resource use efficiency

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Pawariya, V. ., & Jheeba, S. . (2015). Economics of resource use efficiency in Poultry enterprise in Jaipur District of Rajasthan State. Environment Conservation Journal, 16(1&2), 71–74.


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