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Present field research work of different resource conservation practices on cropping systems was studied in both the season i.e. Kharif and Rabi season during 2010- 2012 at Research Farm, J.N. KrishiVishwa Vidyalaya, Jabalpur (M.P). Research Farm of Kymore plateau and Satpura hill region of Madhya Pradesh which is located at Central India. Results received from the experiment indicated that the Conventional tillage has demonstrated its supremacy over limited tillage with more total production in terms of rice equivalent yield (REY) and economic point of view. The mulch application significantly promotes the production of the tillage system without the mulch, but no mulch has a higher Net Monetary Return (NMR) than the applied mulch. The application of recommended dose of fertilizers, in which 25% Nitrogen supplied through organic sources resulted in greater total production in term of REY of cropping system of the area than the recommended dose of fertilizers alone, but economically greater Net Monetary Returns was observed in 100% recommended dose of fertilizers. The existing cropping system Rice-Berseem purely not only gave higher total production in term of REY, but the most selective choice for the conservation of resource in the Kymore plateau region, and fetched the maximum NMR and B:C  ratio.


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Tiwari, A. ., Rawat, A., Agrawal , K. ., & Nayak, S. . (2021). Conservation agriculture-impact on the productivity and economy of various cropping systems of Central India. Environment Conservation Journal, 22(1&2), 41–44.


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