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Gout is commonest among the articular diseases characterized by hyperuricemia resulting in deposition of monosodium urate crystals in various tissues. On the basis of etiology and symptomatology vatarakta is similar to that of vatarakta. Vatarakta common among lifestyle disorders and is caused by vitiation of vata and rakta resulting in srotodushti. Leech therapy is very effective in the management of vatarakta. According to Ayurveda, Jalauka is used to expel out the vitiated blood safely, quickly and effectively. Leeches not only suck the impure blood but also leave behind their saliva, which contains enzymes that help to cure the disease.


Leech vatarakta gout pain

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Yadav, . P. ., Shukla, D. ., & Kumar, R. . (2018). Pain Management in Gout through Leech therapy – A Case Study. Environment Conservation Journal, 19(3), 161–163.


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