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Obesity is a condition in which body has excess fat which shows negative effects on the body. The incidences of obesity have been regularly increasing. It is also including childhood obesity. At an individual level, a combination of excessive food energy intake and a lack of physical activity is thought to explain most cases of obesity It is not only  a disease increases the body fat but also includes other health related disorders i.e; Breathing disorder, Heart disease, Depression, Diabetes mellitus, High blood pressure, High cholesterol etc. In Ayurveda obesity is considered as stholya, means a person in whom excessive and abnormal increase of Meda along with Mamsa Dhatu in the body, which results into pendulous appearance of Sphika, Udara and Stana. Obesity management has been described in many places in Ayurveda.  In Panchkarma obesity is treated through Lekhan basti, Vamana, Virechana, Udvartan etc. Lekahan basti and Udvartan plays a very important role in obesity management. Yogic management of obesity is based on controlled and balanced diet, Yoga postures or Asanas and breathing techniques. Consuming only the amount of food that we really need, along with regular exercise, performing intermittent water fasts, Pranayama, and Yogaasanas can give relief to obesity. Although Yoga and Panchakarma have almost same in respect of Shodhana procedures.


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Joshi, . R., Kaushik, . B., Pandey, . S. ., & Sharma, U. K. (2018). Role of Panchakarma and Yoga in treatment of obesity. Environment Conservation Journal, 19(3), 119–121.


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