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A survey of fish fauna was conducted  between  July 1998 and December  1999. The   fishes were  collected from the local market of block head  quarters  of the tribal district West  Nimar (Khargone  ). In all 40  species  belonging to 23  genera  and 10 families have  been  found in this area.  They  are  Cirrhinus, Catla,  Chela,  Labeo,  Oxygaster, Puntius, Garra,  Barbus,  Rasbora  and Tor belonging   to  Cyprinidae  family;   Lepidocephalichthys,  Nemacheilus   belonging  to  Cobitidae  family;   Ompok  and  Wallago belonging  to Siluridae family; Mystus and Rita belonging to Bagridae family; Notopterus,  Heteropneustus, Clarias, Xenetodon, Channa and Matacembelus belonging to Notopteridae, Heteropneustidae, Clarridae, Belonidae, Ophiocephalidae and Matacembelidae   family  respectively.  It  is  also  observed   that  non  culturable  fishes  are   most  widely  distributed  and  the commercial culturable fihses are commonly found in the region. In the present paper,  the fish fauna of the district West  Nimar is discussed.



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Pathak, S. K., & Pathak, S. K. (2000). Fish Fauna and Fish Production of Tribal District West Nimar (Khargone) of M. P., India. Environment Conservation Journal, 1(2&3), 95–98.


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