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Medicinal plants have been subjects of man’s curiosity since time immemorial. Approximately 80% of the people in the world’s developing countries rely on traditional medicines for their primary health care needs.Adhatoda vasaca is an evergreen shrub distributed from the punjab in the north and Bengal and Assam in the south-east to singapore.The plant is valued for containing bronchodilator alkaloid, mainly vasicine.It is well known in ayurveda by its sanskrit name vasaka and commonly known as adusa.


Vasa Vasicine bronchitis Adhatoda vasaca

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Rani , J., Pandey, S., Kumavat , V. . B., & Sharma, U. K. (2018). Role of Adhatoda vasaca in management of respiratory disorders. Environment Conservation Journal, 19(3), 73–75.


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