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Malaria is a vital parasitic disease of human for centuries, despite the control programs in many parts of the world. Picture of malaria is similar to the symptoms of the Kitadamsha, which leads to Tridosha Prakopa. Siddharthakadi Agada is an anti poison formulation to treat malaria. For present study, total 23 patients of malaria (P.vivax) were divided into 2 groups.  Siddharthakadi Agada (Group A) 13 patients and modern medicine (Group B) 10 patients were registered. Complete remission in 20% of patients and marked improvement in 80% of patients was observed in trial group where as control group showed marked improvement.


Anti Poison Kitadamsha Malaria Parasitic Disease Siddharthakadi Agada Tridodha Prakopa

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Shukla D., . G., Versodiya R., . R., Thakar B., A., & Choudhary, K. (2018). Effect of Siddharthakadi Agada in the Management of Malaria (Jwara). Environment Conservation Journal, 19(3), 31–36.


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