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Raj Yoga is one of the tested spiritual, holistic healing approaches nowadays used for every field for promoting self-esteem in healthy and unwell patients at mental and psychological levels. Cancer is one of the end-stage diseases that give not only physical pain but also causes psychological threats to the patient. The patient may experience grief, fear of death, loneliness, low self-esteem and other emotional changes resulting in depression and anxiety disorders. During this stage, some spiritual or holistic healing approaches are must for the enhanced wellbeing status of cancer patients, so the current study is focused on evaluating the effectiveness of Raj Yoga Meditation in cancer patients in selected hospital of Punjab In this study, the Raj Yoga Meditation programme was introduced for 15-20 minutes per day for six consecutive days to the experimental group. Although the study period was concise, however, the results showed that there was a significant difference between pre-test (141.64±18.9624) and post-test (167.400±23.0922) wellbeing scores at the 0.05 level of significance.


Cancer Cancer Patients Holistic Healing Rajyoga Meditation

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Singh, A., Sharma, S. B. ., Rana, A. ., K., A., kaur, A. ., Kaur, A. ., Rani, B. ., & kaur, G. . (2021). Effectiveness of “Rajyoga Meditation”:A Quasi-experimental study for holistic healing in cancer patients. Environment Conservation Journal, 22(1&2), 35–40.


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